Wedding Guest Entertainment

Archery for you and your guests on your special day!

The perfect activity for the afternoon of your wedding reception


An activity to wow your wedding guests!

Get in touch to arrange archery for your special day.

Suitable for most wedding venues with a large outdoor space, archery provides a fabulous talking point that will be remembered forever.

Ready for your guests to drop-by to shoot some arrows, following your ceremony and before they sit down for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

How it works?

We'd love to help you to keep your wedding guests entertained inbetween photos and mingling. Archery provides a fantastic talking point for any event.

Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss options and timings. We'll assess your venue for suitability and speak with their event coordinator. This may require a free site visit, or can in some cases be performed using the internet and a phone call.

On your big day, we'll arrive nice and early so that you'll have one less thing to worry about. We'll set up in the grounds to be ready before your ceremony begins. (That way we won't disturb you!)

Your dedicated instructor team will be ready to greet your guests, following your ceremony. They'll be able to drop-in, inbetween photos and mingling, to shoot a round of arrows at a time. Our experienced and friendly instructors will deliver one to one tuition for your guests, providing guidance and coaching, ensuring that everyone remains safe while they have a brilliant time hitting the target.
Archery at a wedding reception

Wedding Package

Let us know your venue and wedding date to find out if this would work for you.

Included in the package are,
  • site visit (if required)
  • traditional straw targets with fresh paper faces, at varying distances to suit different abilities
  • a range of equipment to suit ages 8-88+
  • professional, friendly instructors
  • gazebo shelter
  • event flooring


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