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Archery at Muncaster Castle

archery-at-muncaster-castle Enhancing your visitor experience

It's a fantastic place to be, on Cumbria's West Coast, Muncaster Castle stands proud above the River Esk, before it meets the sea at Ravenglass. Muncaster Castle has to be one of the best tourist places to visit in the Lake District. Combining a long history with some superb events and experiences, we just love coming here to enhance the enjoyment of visitors.

Muncaster Castle - Place to visit in the Lake District

​We began bringing Archery to Muncaster Castle in 2012, following a Twitter conversation with "Tom Fool". Many regular visitors know us by name as they come to shoot with us at most of the Castle's special events. With a long and well documented history it's great to see and chat with the Pennington family, still resident and working here, being able to trace their family lineage at the Castle back to the 1200s! 

View over the Esk valley

​Muncaster Castle attracts visitors from around the World, particularly for some superb events including the Sausage, Food & Drink Festival and Muncaster Festival on the May Bank holidays, Medieval Muncaster in August and Halloween (AKA 'Arroween).

If you visit during these events then be sure to have a go at archery. Participants are often surprised at the level of coaching they receive during their mini-lesson. You'll be geared up with an arm guard and receive one to one, coaching from our experienced team. As a very inclusive activity, we welcome adults and kids to join in - there's often a healthy element of competition between parents and their offspring! Because we use real bows and arrows, there's a minimum age restriction of 8 years.

It's a good idea to come early in the day, then you'll be able to have a second round before hometime!

One to one coaching during Archery Have a go

Since proving the popularity of Archery to visitors over many events, we have delivered Archery to weddings, private events and family experiences at Muncaster Castle.

Send us an email to info@independentadventure.co.uk to arrange your session or to have archery at your event. 

Muncaster Castle is also a brilliant venue for corporate team building events, and we will be pleased to provide a range of unique activities to help you meet your team goals as you enjoy all that this beautiful venue has to offer.

We'll travel down and set up the Archery range for your group, subject to availability. We think that our fun Archery Experiences are the best in the Lake District. With an emphasis on your enjoyment and success, following your safety briefing you'll soon be shooting lots of arrows at authentic straw targets, balloons and sweets. Your group will enjoy a series of practice rounds, games and competitions as you receive on-going coaching to help you improve your accuracy and technique.

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