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Introducing the Lake District

When you live and work in and around the Lake District it's easy to take for granted the beauty, history and culture that surrounds us. Still, spending so much time in an area has a long lasting impact on a person's outlook, personality and experiences. As a Cumbria event planning company and activity provider, Independent Adventure are often asked to deliver a wide range of services, ranging from a team building event for local SMEs and Corporate clients, to School Activity Days, Stag & Hen parties, and even the occasional wedding reception. The company often helps visitors to the area to make the most of their time in Cumbria by bringing activities to the many group accommodation venues throughout the Lake District.

Visit the Lake District, Cumbria

Recently, a group visiting Waternook Luxury Accommodation on the banks of Ullswater requested an introduction to the local area and Independent Adventure were happy to help. Having access to a number of highly experienced, professional instructors to deliver activities at a wide range of events, the company were able to fulfill this request and really helped the visiting group to make the most of their stay.

Make the most of your visit to the Lake District

The guests were nothing but complementary and said it was the perfect start to their holiday and they found it fascinating.

by Dominic, Waternook Luxury Accommodation

Our instructor rose to the challenge and this is a service that we are hoping to provide to future groups, especially with the opening of Carlisle Lake District Airport. Here are his thoughts on the presentation...

My name is Bob and I have been living and working in Cumbria for eight years. I have been exploring the Lake District ever since I moved to Cumbria in 2010 so had plenty of knowledge and experience there. I brought this information together, filling the gaps with a bit of research, and made a presentation that was about an hour long. The presentation gave an overview of the National Park and it's history, geology, wildlife, traditions, industry, culture and sights, peppered with a few stories, peculiar facts and some of the poems that the area inspired. I spoke for an hour, but then answered questions from the group afterwards and discussed various points from the presentation in more detail. I also pointed out recommendations for walks, places to eat and drink and things to do during the group's stay.

The group enjoyed the talk and had told me it had really helped them get the most out of their stay. Personally I enjoyed the task and the work that went into getting it right, and would be happy in the future to repeat the presentation or tailor a new one on a similar subject. As a student I read ancient history, so would love to speak about Hadrian's Wall, but my passion for the North of England and its landscape is also a favourite topic.

by Bob, Independent Adventure Ltd.

If you are a planning a visit to Cumbria, the Lake District or Hadrian's Wall, please do get in touch and we would be happy to help you make the most of your stay with a personalised presentation and activities for your group to enjoy.

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