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Resources for Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Adventure Activities form only part of an outdoor learning experience. In addition to adventure activities such as archery or canoeing, here at Talkin Adventures we use lots of relatively simple activities to help engage young people with the world around them.

Our experienced instructor team have a wide range of short activities up their sleeves and over the coming weeks we will be adding these as online resources. Feel free to use them with your group.

Key Stage 2 Maps

The ability to effectively use and understand a map remains an important life skill, and is included in the National Curriculum for Key Stage Two. This framework will help you to introduce the concept of maps in a fun and progressive way.

At Talkin Adventures we are fortunate to have a fabulous outdoor environment and our experienced outdoor instructors run fully immersive map and orienteering sessions. This framework can also be applied for outdoor learning at your school or nearby park.  Why not set up a simple picture course for your pupils to find using their own maps?

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How tall is that tree?

Ever wondered how tall a tree is? This is one to try if you have a bit of space - it doesn't work so well in a dense woodland but would be great in a playground. You could even use this method to measure the height of a building, or practice with children.

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How old is that tree?

With counting the rings on a fallen tree being the most accurate way to know the age of a tree, here we have a simple method to estimate the age of a living tree. This is a simple and fun way to roughly know the age of a tree. It is a great way to compare the ages of the trees in a woodland. Use a tape, string, or even experiment using arm spans for a quick and easy way to find the oldest tree. Tree hugging is always fun!

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 We hope you enjoy using these resources, more will be available soon.

Please let us know what you think by email or our Facebook page.

Best Wishes,

Darren, Robyn & The Team

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