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Team building events for people who don't want team building events!

It's a tricky one, the work is being done, the orders are being met and the customers are happy. Behind the scenes though, you can see that your team need a day out, a break, a great big thank you, and a boost to their morale. It can be hard to introduce the idea of a Team Building Day whilst remaining positive about the existing relationships and bonds that make your workplace tick. This is why we aim to focus our events and activities on having fun together. The outcomes of a really good event with us include a more positive approach to workmates, improved communication by breaking down barriers, and a view of colleagues as equals.

As a team building activity provider and event planner, Independent Adventure Ltd. regularly help businesses across Cumbria and the North of England with their team building events. It all comes down to one simple question; WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF YOUR DAY WITH US? 

Group event ideas

 Well, what would you like to achieve? Every event with Independent Adventure Ltd. is different, and it's all designed to help you, whether you're running a SME, corporate branch, government office or even a school. We use a wide range of activities from Archery and Raft Building, to more obscure options like Duck Herding and even Cocktail Making Masterclasses to help meet your objectives. The underlining factor with all our events is FUN. We strongly believe that if we carefully select, design and structure our activities to suit you, then you go back into work having met your goals and you and your team will have had an absolutely superb experience.

Company event ideas

Gone are the days of "trust exercises" in a run-down scout hut retreat. When we're not operating from our base at the stunning Talkin Tarn Country Park, we take our clients to some of Cumbria's top venues to provide the ideal backdrop to your company events. Venues such as Kirklinton Hall near Carlisle, or Muncaster Castle in West Cumbria provide the ideal location for office days out with the team, focused around a couple of great activities. Or you could combine your unique corporate event with a conference, presentation, or quarterly review at one of the top hotels Cumbria has to offer. The great thing is, we'll arrange the lot - all you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve.

 The unique nature of many of our activities, and unusual approach that we apply to the ones you know, will have your event filled with laughter and positivity. Now, we're not saying you're childish (well maybe big kids at heart), but they do say we learn best through play and experience. Whilst there is always a chance to review and we are more than happy to provide feedback for you to use, we try to fill your sessions with experiences rather than droll theory. As adults, we already know that it's good to listen, plan, communicate and review - we just use our activities to push each group to do these things in order to succeed. When there's a Treasure Chest of prizes at stake, or points to win during a castle siege, a few subtle pointers from our experienced instructors will soon have your team assessing their approach!

Take a look at our corporate event planning page. We have a whole load of activities listed, some might take your fancy. The important thing is to think about what you want to achieve from your time with us, we will be pleased to make a package to suit you.

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